Product Designer

TickTalk Messenger

TickTalk Messenger

  • Role: Product designer focusing on UI/UX design & Video Production 
  • Duration: 3 months
Launch an app, as a fun side project


Currently, messengers to connect you with people you know. It gets the job done.

It's predictable and boring. Filtered. Same old same old. Let loose and go wild?


  • People keep deleting, thinking through taking own sweet time
  • Same boring topics
  • Judged
What if there is a more exciting way to chat?

TickTalk Messenger

A concept app for chatting anonymously with a nearby stranger

In order to increase removing self-filtering and encouraging unpredictability, 

  • Real time chat so you cant think throughReal-time chat exposes every auto-correct, typo error and all your unfiltered nonsense. 
  • Conversation starters so always new topic, an excuse to talk about something trendy or provoking or controversialInteresting conversation starters. A random app-generated question sparks/starts off the conversation between an anonymous user and yourself. 
  • Timer so you cant think through. Adrenaline rush from timer. Be spontaneous! You only get 25 seconds to reply during your turn before the conversation disappears forever.
  • Anonymous no judging be your true self

On 8 December 2015, we launched TickTalk Messenger on App Store.



Fun project, explored what ifs

Went through entire lifecycle

It takes a lot more to launch a successful messaging platform: community building, monetisation