Product Designer



Dear BandLab,

Let me design your soft goods.



In the past 2 years, I’ve designed wearable camera accessories at a fast-growth tech startup Narrative, refreshed product lines of PC accessories at Dell, and co-founded a patent-pending inflatable pillow, which went on to being 460% funded on Kickstarter. 

In my career, I’ve brought 5 products to life from initial concepts to mass production through detailed technical packages and delightful supplier relationships. Being on the ground at factory floors is crucial to ensure that every detail is met with the highest quality while price points are maintained.

Being the Sole Industrial Designer at Narrative taught me the values of being an independent self-starter. I took up the full spectrum of responsibility to drive the accessories project—from user research to sourcing for vendors, and managing the issues that come along on the way. It has not only taught me how to design for an emerging product category, but also to lead projects from start to finish.

The intersection of design and technology has democratised industries from finance, travel and entertainment. BandLab is already on track to creating a world where good music can be made by anyone, anywhere. With my experiences, I am able to help bring that vision come to life quicker with a suite of accessories, while having some fun on the way. Let’s talk!

Email me at or call me at +65 9388 7175.